Abram's journey in the NICU

Abram was born right at 35 weeks gestation. He weighed 4 pounds and 12 ounces. The week before his delivery, I was given a shot to help mature his lungs so that if he was born early, he would be able to breathe on his own, which he did!

When he arrived at the NICU, they first wanted to see if he was able to keep his own temperature in an open crib. He only spent a couple of days under lights and was then transferred to a crib. During this time, he had a bunch of wires put on him, including an IV which was how he got his nutrients. They then slowly gave him my milk as I came in to try to breastfeed twice a day and through a feeding tube that went through his nose and down into his tummy. I brought him my breastmilk for about a week. We then switched to formula as my milk supply decreased and I became discouraged with pumping milk.

As the days past, he gained weight and slowly took more formula by mouth. Once they saw that he was gaining weight and taking enough formula by mouth, we got the news that he would be discharged and we could bring him home.

Abram came home on August 20th 2016. He had spent exactly 3 weeks in the NICU. I am so grateful that he is alive and well and home with us.


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